Looking for a tool that will make sanding easy? An orbital sander is a very good pick. Sanding is a task that is rarely enjoyed by anyone. It can get messy and is rather unpleasant. A random orbit sander or orbital sanders, however, can make it much easier for you.

Additionally, orbital sanders also ensure your product has the best finish. It is a hand-held tool that vibrates with small orbital motions when switched on. At the same time, the circular sanding pad attached to it also rotates. This combined movement makes the sander move with changing orbits.

Although it moves in an orbital motion, a good orbital sander does not leave any circular marks. This is because the randomness of its movements ensures the same path is not repeatedly followed. Therefore, it is also not affected by the direction of the wood grains.

There are many random orbital sanders currently available. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when making a choice for a sander. Nevertheless, read on to find our top picks for the best random orbital sander.

1. Makita BO5041K 5 inch Random Orbit Sander

Makita BO5041K 5 inch Random Orbit Sander

The first sander on our list is the heavy duty Makita BO5041K 5 inch Random Orbital Sander. It is not only good for hobbyists and DIYers but also professionals. A great value for money option, this tool has quality sanding capabilities. It is available on amazon com.

A 3 0 amp motor powers this tool. It has a speed control dial as an essential feature for variable speeds. While sanding, you want to choose the optimal sanding speed to avoid damaging your work board. The speed at which the dial reacts is also quite good. 12 000 OPM is the highest setting to go with the help of stops from 1 to 5.

Another great feature of the 5 ” Makita BO5041K is that its grip is non-slip as well as ergonomic. Additionally, its front handle is adjustable, which makes it easy to work with pieces that are not well-shaped. This tool guarantees an accurate and smooth sanding experience. It contains a rubberized palm grip, which ensures ease of use, and a handle located on top.

It includes a great dust collection system. It offers a 3 0 amp motor variable speed control dial. The variable speeds range from 4,000 to 12,000 opm.

  • The great dust collection facility
  • Several ranges available on the speed dial
  • Ergonomically beneficial with a firm hold
  • Suitable for sanding even at awkward angles
  • Adjustable front handle
  • Air vents need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust.
  • Inconvenient lock-in switch

2. Black Decker BDERO100 Random Orbital Sander

Black Decker BDERO100 Random Orbital Sander

One of the most affordable options, the heavy duty Black Decker BDERO100 Random Orbital Sander, offers a range of features. Nevertheless, it does not compromise on quality. It also has an ergonomic and comfortable grip that makes working with it enjoyable.

It comes with a power rating of 2-amps. This is suitable for corded options like this one and performs well. The 5-inch sanding hand is suitably powered and runs reliably. There are a variety of options available from Black Decker. This is undoubtedly the best of them all.

What’s more, it even comes with a warranty period that lasts two years. Therefore, within its price point, it offers a lot of valuable features. This is the best option if you are on a budget but still want to get a good-quality tool. It is not surprising that this model has been chosen as a best-seller. It is available to buy at amazon com.

  • Very affordable
  • High value for money
  • The motor shows great performance
  • Easily accessible controls
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • A dust bag is included.
  • Build quality could have been better

3. Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbit Sander

Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbit Sander

If you are looking for a compact, handy model, bosch ros20vsc is the perfect option for you. It comes equipped with a variable speed button. This way, you can adapt the speed to the material you are working on. Also present is a hoop-and-loop disc attachment. This provides stability and power to the disc’s grip.

You can adjust the speed dial from 7500 Orbits Per Minute to 12 000 orbits per minute. Its 2.5-amp variable speed motor delivers a powerful and reliable performance. Additionally, it comes with a sanding pad, sanding disc, dampening ring, and even a carrying case.

The dust collecting feature is also very useful. There is a lot of dust produced during sanding, which is why this feature is so beneficial. An additional micro-filter system ensures that even the smallest particles are efficiently captured. A dust canister and a vacuum hose are also included in the purchase.

  • Easy to use
  • Cheap but of good quality
  • Small and compact design
  • Lightweight
  • One-year service guarantee
  • Cannot take too much load
  • Might not be suitable for professionals

4. Dewalt DWE6423K 5 Inch Random Orbit Sander

Dewalt DWE6423K 5 Inch Random Orbit Sander

Good sanding equipment is very helpful. It gets the work done much faster and easier than traditional sanding tools. The Dewalt DWE6423K random orbital sander comes with a 3-amp motor. It is a little more powerful than the sanders we have previously seen.

It is a small tool. This makes it easier for tasks that require the sander top to be close to the workpiece. Not only is it a powerful tool, but its speed can be adjusted too. The variable speed dial can be adjusted from 8000 OPM. The maximum power it can reach is 12 000 opm.

It is quite an affordable option, given all its features. The dust bag can also be locked with a single control. This makes it easy to use and accessible.

  • Ergonomic
  • Low vibrations and less noise
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 3-year warranty period
  • Value for money
  • Rubber overmold grip
  • Short cord
  • Not very suitable for professionals

5. Craftsman CMEW231 Random Orbital Sander

Craftsman CMEW231 Random Orbital Sander

Are you looking for a very powerful model? This can be it. This tool from Craftsman is built strong and reliable. With a 3-amp electric motor, it can help you work on more demanding projects. The highest setting for the speed dial is 12,000 OPM.

The Craftsman CMEW231 Random Orbital Sander build quality is great. It is suitable for most projects that professionals, as well as hobbyists, undertake. With this tool, a smooth and clean finish is well guaranteed.

It is also a durable option, especially since it comes with a 3-year warranty period. A vacuum hose is also attached, which makes it easier to collect the dust. It also makes sure the dust does not reach the motor as this can damage the working of the machine.

  • Great build quality
  • 3-year warranty
  • Powerful motor
  • Good orbit speed that can be adjusted
  • Can be noisy

Porter Cable 382 5 Inch Random Orbital Sander

Porter cable is a company headquartered in the United States. It is known for manufacturing power tools. The parent organization of Porter cable is Stanley Black & Decker.

The porter cable 382 provides a 100 percent sealed ball bearing construction. This sander offers to accept 5 inches, 8 hooks, and look paper. The dust sealed switch prevents dust collection and ingestion and promotes a longer life for the switch. It comes with specifications: 1.9 AMPS. Also, it offers a finishing system with controllable pad speed.

What Should I Look For In An Orbital Sander?

Everyone wants to buy the best random orbit sander for themselves. When you look out to buy a random orbital sander, you can get confused with many options and not know what basis to select the best one. When looking to decide which random orbit sander to buy, consider these main three points:

The Type Of Power The Sander Uses

A random orbital sander can run on three types of power supply. These are electric corded, pneumatic, and battery-powered. The electric corded random orbital sanders are best for people working in a limited amount of space. When one has to work away from the power source, the battery-operated sander comes to the rescue. Professionals use a pneumatic random orbital sander. An air compressor is used for this type of sander.

The Rating Of The Power The Sander Uses

The rating of the sander basically provides the user with an estimate of how the performance will be. The higher the power rating of the sander, the better the performance of it. The corded sander uses a power rating within 2-5 amps. The cordless sander uses a power rating within 18-20 volts.

Orbit Speed Of The Sander

This aspect of a sander is measured in orbits per minute. It is the total times the sanding disks of a sander orbit in a minute. The greater the orbits per minute or OPM, the results will be finer. The lower the number of orbits per minute of a sander, there will be greater the scraping of the random orbit sander.

What Are the Factors to Look for In an Orbital Sander?

An orbital sander is a very useful machine to have. Traditional sanding equipment can leave a lot of residual dust. Plus, it is also slow. An orbital sander, on the other hand, is quick and efficient. It can also take on harder tasks.

Several individual factors can affect your choice. Needless to say, your budget and the kind of tasks you plan to do are essential ones. However, the following are some other factors you must consider.

Speed Controls

Not all random orbital sanders have variable speed controls. It is, however, recommended to get one with this feature. It makes work much easier for you if you can control the speed of the blade through variable speed. Then, even if it’s more delicate work, you can be assured of getting it done seamlessly.

This also helps you work on different materials with ease. Since you can essentially control the motion of the sanding pad, it is a good option for beginners. With this feature, it is easier to achieve the finish that you want. Also, the more responsive the speed dial, the better.

The presence of variable speed random orbital sanders makes your job easier. Whether it requires just a swift sanding or a more powerful touch, you can simply dial it up or down. This feature is not even very expensive. Like we have seen above, many affordable models have this feature. Therefore, it is very beneficial if you get an orbital sander with this feature.

Run-time of the sander is also essential. If a sander does not have a good run time, it will need to be charged again.

Dust Collection

Sanding produces a lot of dust. Like we have discussed, this can be harmful to your health. This is especially important if you work for long hours. Small particles of dust can be harmful to your lungs. It can cause several respiratory problems. Dust collection can also be damaging to the machine itself.

This is why it is essential to have good dust collecting features present in your machine. Your sander will also not work properly if the work surface is not clean. If dust begins to collect on the surface that you are sanding, there will be no direct contact between the material and the sanding base. It will only make your work harder.

Even if you do not have a dust collection system built-in to your machine, you can purchase one separately. They are easy to attach and also affordable. There are also many inexpensive machines that come with a dust collector.

Vibration Controls

As with all machines, random orbital sanders produce a lot of vibration. This is especially apparent with more powerful machines or when you are working on a particularly difficult task. Since a random sander orbiter simultaneously rotates and oscillates, the vibrations produced are even more.

Vibration control, therefore, is an important feature. It helps reduce this vibration. This not only makes it more comfortable when you work but also lessens noise. Too much vibration can produce a lot of noise.

If you are someone who works for long periods, it is better to opt for this feature. It ensures you do not get any hand injury.

Comfortable Palm Grip

The palm grip is undeniably the most important feature of any hand-held tool. A random orbital sander is no different. You need to have more control over your machine if you are to work better. A strong and controlled grip makes your work much easier.

You should also keep an eye out for ergonomically designed grips. If you work for long hours or work too much, hand fatigue is a hindrance. To ensure this is minimal, you must get a machine that has a good grip.

Usually, the grips are either a rubberized palm grip or plastic grip. Rubber is, by far, the best option. It is more comfortable and gives better control. A plastic grip, on the other hand, can be less slip-resistant and can cause blisters. Ergonomic designs, if available, are the most beneficial.


Lightweight and compact tools are much easier to handle than bulky ones. They are easy to lift and adjust as you want. This is especially important if you are to work on different surfaces or carry your tool around. You can easily get tired. You have to move and work with a heavy machine.

However, if most of your work needs you to stay in one place, this is not too much of a bother. This is also applicable if you only need to work on horizontal and flat surfaces. Nevertheless, a lightweight machine is easier to deal with than a huge one. Many models are currently present that is lightweight without compromising on quality.

Changing Your Sandpaper

While doing a task, it is necessary to change your sandpaper once in a while. This makes work much easier and also gives a smooth finish. Once your sandpaper starts to wear out, it is better to change to a new one. You might even have to use sandpapers of different size and grit.

This is the reason why swapping the sandpaper must be easy. You would want to get a machine that has a hook-and-loop facility to change sandpapers. It is the most convenient way to change sandpapers while you are working. Since it is a quick process, it also helps save your time.


The changing and circular pattern of orbital sanders ensure a smooth finish on several materials. From wood to plastic and even metal, they work efficiently and reliably. Since they are so versatile and useful, they are a great utility to have.

These machines make sanding much more convenient. Hopefully, these reviews and the buying guide will help you choose the best orbital sander for yourself. Make sure you consider these reviews when you go to buy orbit sanders. They are definitely a great investment to make.

What Is An Orbital Sander Used For?

Is An Orbital Sander Better?

Sanding is part of the job that most of us do not really look forward to or enjoy doing. Finding the correct tool for sanding is crucial to make the job easy. When it comes to sanding, let us look at whether an orbital sander is better compared to other tools.

Random orbital sanders have a square foot design. This sander uses quarter sandpaper of dimension 9X11. For the process of sanding, the foot of the sander vibrates in orbits or tiny circles. Even normal sandpapers are usable in this sander. It is not necessary to use custom-made disks.

The main disadvantage is that an orbital sander creates marks that can be seen when compared to a random orbit sander. Also, an orbital sander tends not to remove a lot of material.

Best Uses Of An Orbital Sander

An orbital sander or random orbital sander is a powerful tool that basically produces vibrations in small circles. It is used to produce very smooth sanding results. This sander has a ball bearing construction where a round pad is fixed for sanding. The random orbit sander produces surfaces that are uniform with no scratches that can be seen. It gives us a nice fine finished look. The removal of material using a random orbit sander is slow and uniform.

A random orbital sander is used to prepare a surface before as well as after painting it. The random orbital sander is the best in giving an ultra-smooth finish. Random orbital sanders can be used on metal, plastic, and wood. Random orbital sanders can be used for the purpose of painting or even metal related working. Due to the random action of sanding, random orbital sanders do not leave out swirl marks.

An orbital sander of best use in areas where a random orbit sander will not fit. They can be used to remove layers of paint. They can also be of good use while preparing an area to paint. Additionally, an orbital sander is best used while refinishing wooden flooring, and you need to access corners.

Orbital sander has advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to choose which is the best-suited choice for you.

Which Orbital Sander Is Best?

Best Overall Sander

BOSCH ROS65VC-6 6-Inch Random Orbit Sander

This is the best overall random orbital sanders available. This Random orbit sander uses a motor that is adjustable, offering variable speed control. This sander is available on amazon com. This is one of the best sanders in the market overall. This is one of the best random orbital sanders for customers.

This power tool accepts a sanding pad of either 5 or 6 inches. This sander offers a pad dampening system for braking that lowers the occurrence of swirl marks.

This sander contains a hook and loop system with disc attachment for 35,000 hooks that run for a long time. It offers a microfilter system for efficient dust collection.

It also connects to most vacuum systems. This sander has a 3.3 Amp speed motor, and the OPM is in the range of 5,500 and 12 000 OPM. It also provides for fast stock removal. It serves as the most efficient dust collection system among sanders.

This sander offers variable speed control. This is one of the best random orbital sanders as there is a vibration control system present, so the user hardly feels any vibration with this sander.

This sander offers the best value for money.

Best Random Orbital Sander For Best Value

Dewalt dwe6421k 5 Inch Single Speed Random Orbit Sander Kit

It provides a 3 amp motor along with a hook and loop pad and 12 000 orbits per minute.,The rubber over mold grip present in these sanders makes sure you do your sanding in comfort.

The presence of a one hand locking dust bag makes an easy dust collection system. The one hand locking dusting bag is not present in all sanders. The dust sealed switch promotes a longer life for the switch.

Improved dust collection system. Paper size: 5 inch hook and loop. The Dewalt dwe6421k 5 inches random orbit sander kit includes a carrying bag.

Best Random Orbit Sanders For Pros

Dynabrade 56815 Dynorbital Supreme Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sander, 5-Inch

This air-powered tool is the best for pros. It contains an optional vacuum kit. This means there is ease of use, and one can convert a nonvacuum based tool to a vacuum tool.

The Best Random Orbital Sanders

It can be overwhelming to choose the best random orbital sander. Fret not because we have reviewed and made a list of them.

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