Household tools come with the package of heavy machinery. It is important to keep tools like a planer. A planer is generally employed to shave woods and create clean surface boards.

A planer works exactly like a knife would scrape batter from itself. However, muscle power, while shaving wood with a planer, is more than just scraping.

Often, woodworkers cannot be done without a planer machine. It is important to check the thickness of wood, especially raw wood, when slicing barks and branches from the tree. Along with the planer, the jointer works to flatten the face of the wood.

Once the jointer has flattened one side of the wood’s face, the planer is employed to make the 2nd face flat. Compared to all other smoothening equipment, a planer makes the task easy. You can quickly flatten and smooth boards with the exact requirement.

A planer is a power tool arsenal in a workshop employed to lessen extreme operating conditions and increase deliverability.

Read on to know more detailed reviews about the best wood planer to enhance your wooden works. Let’s check out the best planer available in the market today.

1. Powermatic Wood Planer

Powermatic Wood Planer

A type of wood planer considered one of the best variations among the available planers in the market is the Powermatic 15HH Planer. The planer has a cutterhead fixed, and the planer’s performance depends on the quality of the cutterhead.

The Powermatic Wood Planer is available with a helical cutterhead. They are built from steel, also known as stress-proof support. Stress-proof steel refers to a part of a machine that can be used rigorously over and over again without beating the quality and quantity of work.

The helical cutterhead fixed to the Powermatic Wood Planer is built of carbide. The helical name given to the cutterhead refers to the rows shaped in helical, thus producing efficiency in the woodwork. Powermatic Wood Planer has an automatic speed tensioner fitted with a two-speed gearbox.

The cutter head motor has a single-phase motor capable of producing a constant supply of wood products and does not get tired. The product has large iron handwheels to take up spontaneous work.

The mobility of the product comes from the lockable caster system. The cutterhead derives maximum power from the V belts attached to it. The tables of the planer can be positioned easily with the help of large iron handwheels.

  • The quality of the planer is unmatched
  • The helical cutter head is a promising feature
  • Built from carbide, make set a long-lasting product
  • It is easy to maintain and produces a super smooth wood surface
  • Setup is easy even to a newbie
  • Expensive
  • No digital marking to read

2. WEN 6550 Benchtop Planer

WEN 6550 Benchtop Planer

The product is an inexpensive one compared to similar products in the market. It is built with promising features that cannot be overlooked. The planer is built from granite; as such, the product offers lifetime work support in terms of benchtop planers.

A wooden board curated from the WEN benchtop planer comes out with a reflective surface. It is easy to remove dust because of a dust port attached to the fan. Boards up to 6 inches thick can be easily transformed. Ensure the thickness is up to 12.5 inches.

Therefore, the user of the benchtop planer does not have to go through a cleaning hassle. On the other hand, hardwood fed into the planer may take considerable time to become a smooth, polished surface. The weight of the wooden planer is 80 lbs.

Woodworkers can use the product as a part of the hobby instead of applying it to a professional capacity. If you are fascinated by the woodwork and want to start something of your own, this product is the right one for a beginner.

The side handles make transportation easy with infeed and outfeed tables.

  • Inexpensive than the others in the market
  • Cleaning supported by adjusted pot attached with fan
  • Product is made from granite
  • Low-quality blades reducing the shelf life of the product
  • Hardwood usage is restricted
  • Best for home activities and not a professional machine

3. Makita Hand Planer

Makita Hand Planer

The product has been a top pick for professionals and offers best premium service in quality, quantity, and price. The product has been rated as a comfortable selection, and every woodworker may have used this planer once in a lifetime.

Users employing the use of Makita hand planer needs to have patience. Both hard and softwood can be smoothened, and the edges can be sharpened with precision. The fluid movement of the product makes it a quick choice for professionals.

As the product operates in electricity, the product’s price is slightly on the upper side compared to other electrical planers in the market. The price tagging is done despite its performance.

If you are looking for a quality planer, no better than the Makita should be your choice. The weight of the product is 10 pounds. Honestly, 10 pounds of weight is hard to hold for a long period.

Given the quality of the wood it produces, the product’s weight may not be a criterion. The setup and usage are easy, as such, preferred by several users.

  • Performance cannot be overlooked, and the outcome is tremendous
  • LED Light
  • 4-post design
  • Extremely adjustable
  • The weight of the product as a major challenge
  • Expensive electrical planer

4. Jet Wood Planer

Jet Wood Planer

One of the most trustworthy organizations building wood planers is Jet. Across the years of productivity, wood planers have built with superior quality tools. Over time, the Jet 15 HH wood planer has been a true testament to quality.

The body of the wood planer is made from iron. It is relatively heavy. The heavy body of the planer is built to ensure stability and the capacity to withstand heavy forces. The cutterhead of the industrial bench wood planer is made from carbide.

The cutterhead insertion comes along four sides and produces a super smoother wood quality than similar counterparts in the market. When one of the planer’s sides gets blunt, the user can switch between the four sides and start working all over again.

The best thing about this product is that it is known to hold a “no relax mode of working” and can be employed for continuous operation day and night. The Jet wood planer has been considered a desirable product given, given that the product has less noisy operator.

Every craftsman dreams of a product that makes less or no noise at all. It is not at all a noise-proof machine; however, the lesser the noise, the better it is to concentrate on the output quality. The product is built with a gearbox to adjust the per minute feed rate.

It is very easy to notice the iron body and the product’s feed tables given the size and super built structure. The big size of the feed table ensures that the wood inserted into the product is supported. As such, long wooden boats can be polished with ease.

The product runs on an induction motor along with bells transmissions.

  • The helical cutterhead functions for an extra smooth finish.
  • The product is aimed at long term investment.
  • This wood planer can consider large volumes of work
  • Relatively expensive

5. BOSCH Wood Planer

BOSCH Wood Planer

The product can be considered a planet itself, then a single tool. The BOSCH wood planer features a motor of 6.5 amperes. The motor is capable of producing fast, removable stock and a smooth wooden surface.

The BOSCH wood planer produces 16500 revolutions per minute. The front of the product is built from aluminum and is tainted with accuracy.

To enable wood chamfering, the tools and the product have a machined groove fitted to it. Blades of the planer are highly protected, given that the product rests on a spring load stand.

The spring stand helps the planer to protect the resting spot. The Blades of the planer are built by BOSCH itself and made from carbide.

It is built with a two-blade system model to facilitate high-speed performance. In addition to that, the product has a dual mount fence.

You will be surprised to learn that the product also has a lock-off and on button. Any form of accidental starts can be easily prevented with the combination of this tool. Both sides of the product have been equipped with dust bags.

It can easily accommodate large bags of shavings. The product’s drive belt is built from poly micro V, keeping in mind the quality, durability, and positioning of the product along with the chord.

  • Lock-off release button
  • Rejection control with rpm motor
  • Reversible carbide blades
  • Spring-loaded stand
  • 6.5 ampere motor for a smooth finish
  • Price of the product on an average is too high

6. Grizzly Industrial Wood Planer

Grizzly Industrial Wood Planer

For tools like wooden planers, portability is a high concern. Not everyone Looks for an industrial product. One such amazing product in the market is the Grizzly benchtop wood planer.

It is a lightweight planer and cuts faster than any other wooden planers in the market. The design and quality of the product are handy and is an easy to use option. The planer’s motor runs on 2 HP, and the cutterhead runs about 10,000 revolutions per minute. The feed rate accounts for 32 per minute.

The product is mounted on return rollers and has inbuilt table extensions. Any professional woodworker using this portable best benchtop planer will find the dynamics impressive and probably consider the product as a job site ruler.

The product specifications include cutting weight, depth of cut, board thickness, and the cutterheads. There are two reversible cutterheads fitted into the product, and the per inch cut in extends up to 52. The product has a toggle switch available with the safety lock.

It also has thermal protection from overloading and blades that perform double-sided operations.

  • Premium quality
  • Smooth finish
  • Double-sided blades
  • Cuts per inch are about 6/8 inches
  • 15 amp motor
  • Portable planer
  • Holding a dimension may be a challenge
  • Unparalleled

7. DEWALT 13-Inch Thickness Planer- DW735X model

DEWALT 13-Inch Thickness Planer- DW735X model

The list is incomplete without the Dewalt dw735x. It is a highly rated product with best thickness-planer properties. The cutter head has three knives which give robust cutting every time.

The Wood Planer gives the best cutting experience with the 20,000 rpm powerful motor. With the two speed gearbox, you can change the feed speed accordingly and optimize the wood cutting. The cutting depth is 1/8 inches with 6-inch depth and 13 inches wide maximum.

The Dewalt dw735x wood planer is structured very well to make it easy to use. The base of the wood planer arrives in two forms: weight and price. The planer features a list of heavyweight woodcutters. It weighs more than 1000 pounds. This is not a disadvantage but professional workshops find the heavyweight better to keep the set-up in place and cut a piece of wood.

The three-knife cutter head has a shorter life span and exchanging them requires a lot of money. You have to buy the knife cutter head separately to ensure high-quality results.

The Dewalt dw735x has a strong foothold in customer services. It has a three-year warranty. Overall, the price is worth the service.

  • A great investment for professional use
  • The Dewalt dw735x wood planer comes with three knife cutter head
  • The heavyweight enables a robust foothold in the professional workplace
  • Dual-speed gearbox
  • 20,000 rpm powerful motor
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Price is high for DIY purpose
  • Expensive knife replacement
  • A 100-pound weight does not make the wood planer portable

8. DEWALT DW734 15 Amp 12-1/2-Inch Benchtop Planer

DEWALT DW734 15 Amp 12-12-Inch Benchtop Planer

DEWALT is one of the best construction tool brands in absence of which this list would be incomplete. If you are searching for a benchtop planer for heavy-duty wood cutting, this is exactly where you should invest.

The Dewalt dw734 can cut hardwoods. The robust 20,000 rpm powerful motor features deep cutting for large and strong wood chunks. The 3 knife cutter head comes with reversible and disposable steel knives.

The portable thickness planer provides 96 cuts per inch. It is the best benchtop planer in the market.

In addition to this outstanding power cutting tool, the price is justified. The Dewalt dw734 is a great alternative to the more expensive benchtop planers meant for professional usage. The robust design can cut a piece of wood very easily.

The wood planer comes with a 3-year warranty. It is one of the best benchtop planers for all purposes. The makers consider this models to be portable planers despite the heavyweight.

The standard blade wears over time. You have to change the blades with new ones. Some of the users review the dust collection system for some improvement.

  • The planer thickness gives a good cutting experience with 96 cuts per inch.
  • The strong 20, 000 rpm motor gives a sturdy performance.
  • The Dewalt dw734 has a three-year warranty
  • The weight does not encourage portability
  • The dust collection system is poor.
  • The knives are expensive for replacement

9. Delta Power Tools 22-555 Portable Thickness Planer

Delta Power Tools 22-555 Portable Thickness Planer

If you want to use a wood planer for casual use, the Delta power tools 22-555 portable thickness planer is one of the best in the market. It has a small but powerful 15 amp motor which makes the planer ideal for a less spacious workshop.

The power tools 22-555 have the highest depth of cut 3/32” and the least in-feed width is 13 inch. The infeed and outfeed tables are adjustable by reducing the snipe so that the planer can handle long wood pieces.

This portable thickness planer has disposable dual-edge knives. The price point of this Delta power tools 22 model is quite low, hence it is a must-buy deal.

The Delta power tools 22 planer features a five-year warranty at very affordable pricing.

The only backdrop is the product is not suitable for heavy-duty professional use. It cannot handle hardwood.

  • It has a 15 amp motor
  • The knives are dual-edged
  • Very affordable
  • Ideal for casual usage
  • Hardwood cannot be cut with this wood planer
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty use
  • The motor is too weak for hardwood cutting

10. WEN 6552 3-blade 15 amp Benchtop Thickness Planner

WEN 6552 3-blade 15 amp Benchtop Thickness Planner

WEN is a great wood planer to get the job done with ease at home. If you are a beginner in wood planer tasks, the WEN 6552 is the right construction tool to start with.

The benchtop planer is powered by a 15 amp motor that can control plane boards up to 6 inches thick and 13 inches wide.

This benchtop thickness planer is a great deal to grab at this pricing. Moreover, technicians for WEN 6552 are widely available. You can take them to your nearest shop without waiting for long.

The motor provides a sturdy performance of 25,500 cuts per minute. The 3 blade design is simple to work with all types of wood. The benchtop thickness wood planer has a warranty of three years.

The model is combined with a cast iron base and onboard planning gauge that makes it a sturdy one in the market. Though sturdy, it is not ideal for professional use.

Being a benchtop thickness planer, it weighs only 66 pounds. The lightweight design features height-adjustable infeed and outfeed tables, a cast iron base. The dust port has a fan-assisted that keeps your space away from sawdust, chips, and other untidy elements.

  • Sturdy 15 amp motor
  • 25,500 cuts per day
  • It cuts all types of wood (hardwood too)
  • Three-blade design
  • Affordable
  • Fan assisted at the dust collector keeping your workspace clean
  • 3-year warranty
  • Adjustable infeed and outfeed tables
  • Cast iron base on blades
  • Not suitable for professional use.

11. Makita 2012NB 12-Inch wood planer

Makita 2012NB 12-Inch wood planer

The Makita 2012nb 12-inch is the perfect alternative to Dewalt DW735X in terms of weight and performance. The machine weighs a little more than 60 pounds and features a compact design to get the job done easily.

If you are searching for a wood planar which is lightweight, portable, and gives sturdy woodcutting, the Makita 2012nb 12-inch is a great choice. You can easily take it to your worksite daily.

The planer features low noise emission. Therefore, it is comfortable and best for working quietly.

It has an LED light feature that indicates whether the 2012nb 12-inch is plugged into the power source or not.

  • 8,500 rpm motor
  • The 2012nb 12-inch design makes it a portable planer
  • LED light indication on power
  • Low noise emission
  • One year warranty
  • Expensive in terms of planer features
  • You have to buy the dust collector separately

12. Stanley 12-404 No. 4 Adjustable Bench Plane with 2-Inch Cutter

Stanley 12-404 No. 4 Adjustable Bench Plane with 2-Inch Cutter

Stanley is a great pick if you are looking for a high-performance planer. The product has a lot to offer from the house of Stanley. It gives impressive value to the user according to the expense.

The power rating of the wood planer is 750 watts. It has a 9 – ¾-inches wide adjustable bench plane which cuts decently up to 2 mm cutting depth. The TCT Blades are made of hard, tempered steel for a long-lasting and smooth cut finish every time. The cutter can be adjusted manually for a more précised and aligned cutting piece of wood.

The polymer handles are made of high-grade quality. The knobs are polished and contoured making every grip strong and comfortable.

The wood planer comes with a lifetime warranty. The epoxy coating gives a forever shelf-life to the machine.

  • Long power cord gives comfortable use
  • It has a powerful motor design
  • The power consumption rating id 750 watt
  • It has a 2 mm cutting depth
  • Made of hard TCT blades
  • Epoxy coated handles give smooth handling of the wood planer
  • Some users find the wood planer quite heavy to use
  • The body is comparatively larger

13. Black & Decker Wood Planer

Black & Decker Wood Planer

Black & Decker is not an unknown brand for the one searching for the best wood planers online. It is one of the best and oldest brands which everyone from the civil world trusts.

The KW712 is a very popular model in the market for its robust motor of 17, 000 rpm. The power consumption rating is 650 watts.

It offers a standard 2 mm depth of cut with high accuracy. The front roller allows reaching the tightest corner of the wood piece giving a prominent cut.

The three-position handles give an optimum hold to the user for improved control in cutting wood pieces. It comes with a dust collector that keeps the area clean and tidy after every use. It has a retractable hood that exposes the topmost part of the sanding belt so that the user can place the planer firmly to the surface and work.

Overall, you get a great balance between power consumption and performance at affordable pricing.

  • Amps give a robust performance
  • The design allows sanding against vertical surfaces
  • Three-position adjustable handle for comfortable cutting
  • Low-key design with sustainable functionality
  • Dust collector keeps the area clean
  • Only 6 months warranty

14. POWERTEC PL1252 15 Amp 2-blade Benchtop Thickness Planer for Woodworking

POWERTEC PL1252 15 Amp 2-blade Benchtop Thickness Planer for Woodworking

The POWERTEC PL1252 15 Amp is designed to make old wood lively. It consists of a powerful 15 amp motor that cuts a wide range of big and small wood.

The design of this benchtop planer superiorly flaunts a 2 blade cutting system made of the best quality steel cutter head. The steel cutter head comes with a lock system to ensure you are safe when the machine is not in use.

It can generate 18,800 cuts per minute by quick and sturdy performance. The size and weight of the planer are very portable. It weighs 63.3 pounds. The side handle allows you to carry it anywhere.

The wood planer has EZ blade replacement with an index pin set up without the requirement of any blade gauge. The spindle lock feature in this wood planer ensures safety during quick change knife system.

It is a professional wood planer equipped with extra longboards. The 4 column design gives great stability while cutting.

It does not have a built-in dust port. The 15 amp motor specification requires 120 V power and 60 Hz frequency. The cutter head speed is 9, 400 rpm maximum. The maximum width stock is 12 – 1/2 inches thick. The stock thickness is 6” maximum. The depth of cut is 3/32 inches.

  • Spindle lock system while blade change
  • Extra longboards
  • Powerful 15 amp motor
  • Ensures 18,800 cuts per minute
  • 2 blade cutting system with a high-quality blade
  • Lacks dust port
  • Professional users might find the machine less sturdy

15. CRAFTSMAN (CMEW320) Benchtop Planer 15-amp

CRAFTSMAN (CMEW320) Benchtop Planer 15-amp

Over the years, CRAFSTMAN has made a trustable place in the field of construction tools. The brand is known for providing superior quality parts at affordable pricing. The CMEW320 model is not an exception.

The 15 amp motor gives robust performance for stock removal. The 8000 rpm cutter head can speedily provide 16,000 cuts per minute. It has 2 knives which can change in very little time when in need.

The knives are made of solid high-grade steel cutter head to give a flawless cut every time. The CMEW320 wood planer is a great deal if you are looking for a perfect woodcut with the desired thickness on hard or softwood.

Unlike other wood planers, it can smooth out glued-up wooden surfaces effortlessly.

The high-carbon steel quality of this benchtop planer is double-edged making the reversible knife’s shelf life longer. The cutter elevation gives superior cutting stability at every use.

The Poly V-belt cutter head drive has a rugged chain/gearbox and the sprocket feed roller drive ensures maximum power transfer.

  • 15 amp motor
  • Poly V-belt cutter head drive
  • 16,000 cuts per minute
  • Carbon steel durable edges
  • 8, 000 rpm cutter speed
  • Two knives
  • Weighs 61.9 pounds – portable planers
  • No warranty

Factors to Consider While Buying A Wood Planer


A best benchtop planer motor requires enough power for high performance. Most of the best indoor woodworker desires a planer of 5 or 6 amp motor machine.

The motor performance widely depends on the wood type. Softer woods like fir, cedar, and pine to make in-door furniture, a less powerful motor worth 1 to 11/2 horsepower is sufficient.

After all, the planers will not juice out the wood to give a proper surface to the furniture. This power is enough to shave the top layer of softwoods.

If you are working with hardwood materials like walnut, oak, or maple, the motor power needs to be higher. Look for a wood planer of 2 horsepower.

However, be sure to choose a planer with a 15 amp motor and fan-assisted dust port for clean dust collection, an outfeed table, and 13 inch width to ensure better performance. It must be a portable planer if you want to move the planer from one place to another.


Thickness planer blades are known as knives. They come in two styles: spiral and straight. Each has a different use, pros, and cons.

Straight knives

Straight knives are similar to safety razors. They join on the cutter head keeping the spinning barrel inside of the planer to slice the layers of wood in one go.

The drawback of a straight knife is it provides rough results. It cuts a larger surface area at one go. So, the friction gets slow or fast in some places. This problem can be avoided if the surface area is sanded after the cut.

Helical or Spiral Knives

They work very differently. The spiral knife consists of several cut heads with smaller knives placed in a spiral form around each other.

The spiral knife planer results are more consistent than a traditional straight knife planer. But, the blades do not work smoothly when dull. The helical knife models are more expensive than a regular straight knife model.

Cutting Depth

The cutting depth refers to the depth of wood a planer can remove at one swipe. In simple words, the more cutting depth a planer has, the better and powerful performance it yields.

However, wood quality plays a significant role in choosing the best thickness planer. Thinner woods can wear off entirely if a very powerful planer is used on it and vice versa.

A planer can remove up to 1/8 inch at one go at the highest speed. If your work demands to remove more than that, you can use a saw to remove the thick part and then smooth the final surface with a thickness planer.

Cord Length

Cord length of a benchtop planer might not be an important factor but to some of the users, this feature plays a huge role. The bigger the cord length of a thickness planer, the better portability of the device.

You can take it anywhere in the room having the plug point fixed. Makita thickness planer is preferred by most of the carpenter for its adjustable cord length along with its high-grade performance.


Allowance is a major factor of a thickness planer to determine its working capability. Most of the thickness planer allowance ranges from 12 to 13 inches. But that is not the end of the story.

A 12-inch planer is capable of handling a thick piece of wood. But that is not the right metric to follow before choosing the best thickness planers.

Search for thickness planers that can handle materials of ¼ inch height and 5 to a 6-inch thickness to get the maximum performance from the planer.

Depth Stop and Gauge

Thickness planers usually shave the top layer of the wood to bring out the smoother surface in woodwork. Making a hardwood board of 5/8 inch thickness from 1 inch would require six passes.

This thickness can be measured using an in-built gauge and depth stop to quicken your work. Therefore, choose a thickness wood planer that has the features by default.

The planers that have inbuilt gauges will let you work quickly with the wood height which needs to be even. A depth stop helps to lock the measurement then lift the cutter head to smooth the surface of the wood.

The measurement of thickness planers will not lower once the depth stop is set.

Dust Collection

Cleanliness is a necessity one must follow everywhere. Thickness planers produce a lot of dust with every swipe they take on the wood.

The machines slide through the rough wooden surface spitting tiny wood pieces on the floor and the outfeed table. When you are working on multiple projects at the same time, the place might get dirty.

Hence, look for thickness planers with an in-built dust port and material removal gauge to collect the saw dust and wood pieces.


A benchtop planer comes in three different speeds of cuts per inch: feed speed, cutting speed, and cutter head speed.

Feed speed

It refers to the speed of the board that passes through the planers. Some benchtop planer allows adjustable speed to increase or reduce the feed speed. This adjustment changes the number of times the planer blade strikes the board at every inch.

The feed speed is inverse to that of the number of times the blade strike – if one increases, the other one decreases. Usually, low feed speed gives the board a smoother finish.

Cutting speed

It is the number of times a blade strikes at the surface of the plane boards. It is usually measured in cuts per inch.

If a benchtop planer mentions cutting speed of 8, 000 rpm, it means it can produce wood cutting with a speed of 16,000 cuts per minute.

Average planers with two speed thickness should give more than 500 cuts per minute.

Cutterhead speed

It refers to the quickness of the motor spin. Most of the planers from famous brands use belts and pulleys of the motor in order to spin the cutterhead.

Choose your planers for speed more than 8, 000 rpm for the best feet per minute feed results. 26 feet per minute is a fairly acceptable range.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing A Wood Planer

Wood planers, in the first instance, strike efficiency and convenience. While buying good thickness planers, it is important to consider the rating given by existing customers. Given below are a few of the add-ons to check before you purchase a wood planer.


Look for the star rating of the planers that directly affects the amount of electricity it can consume.


The cost of wood benchtop planers depends on several factors. First is the manufacturer, and the second being the quality of the tools combined to produce a wood planer.

Your affordability determines the ultimate product. However, also check for the quality of investment. A low-quality product with a high price does not amount to worth, similar to a high-priced product of low quality.

Access to Electricity

It’s best to purchase a hand planer if you do not have easy access to electricity.


The flexibility of using a wood planer should be a priority, given that working with wood is itself a tedious task. If you run a wooden workshop, benchtop planers suitable for all your employees should be your choice.

Efficiency and Convenience

Efficiency and convenience are extreme features of best benchtop planers. Do not always depend on the outlook. Know the exact reasons why a planer in your workshop will make it easy for your day to day operations.


1. What is the best planer to buy?

All the wood planers mentioned in this article has in-depth information about specifications, performance, and features.

If you are searching for a 12-inch planer, go for the DEWALT DW734 or the Makita Planer. They might be a bit on the expensive side but the money you pay is worth it.

Also, these 12-inch planer gives a high professional finish to woodcutting.

2. Which Dewalt planer is best?

Dewalt is a brand known mostly for its high-performance construction tool quality. The most well known Dewalt models of best benchtop planers are DW735X and DW734 15 amp motor best wood planer machine.

They are sturdy, affordable, and made of steel knife blades. The features of the two models are more or less the same apart from the price and width capacity. You can go for anyone that suits your need and budget.

3. Which is better jointer or planer?

A professional worker will not need the two. Maybe, your work needs both.

A planer makes a board thinner. If your work needs to have a thin and smooth wood surface, it is better to go for wood planers with sufficient width capacity. A jointer, on the other hand, creates a flat surface on the wood.

The job of both the equipment might seem similar but besides making the surface smooth, they have different purposes too.

If you plan to invest generously in your wood making project, there are 15 best thickness wood planers in this article. Give them a look and order them from Amazon.

4. What is the best Planer Thicknesser?

Wood is naturally beautiful. Whatever you make out of it, it gives a perfect traditional look to your space with its unique design and pattern. But, to bring out the beauty, a benchtop thickness planer is essential.

The benchtop thickness planer is also known as the thickness planer. These square-shaped box type machines have rotating blades which allow you to adjust the wood thickness piece by piece.

Some of the best options in portable thickness planer are from the very-known brands Metabo, Black & Decker, Dewalt, Craftsman, and Makita. They are the best benchtop thickness planer products in the market.

Before choosing the ideal benchtop thickness planer, make sure they have a 13-inch cutting depth, 15 amp motor, or more to give a sturdy performance every time.

To Summarize

No matter your experience as a woodworker, always consider safety as a priority. There are chances of sniping given that electrical planers are tricky to use.

The resulting snipe often produces uneven and awful looking wooden boards, leading to a small piece of wood towards the end.

Do not overlook the dust collection system. While working with a wood planer, the situation of dust cannot be overlooked. An extremely dusty environment can also put your health in danger. Before purchasing a wood planer, make sure you do your homework.

A dust collection pot that is between 2.5 to 4 inches is an ideal one. It will not bring compatibility but will bring along dust collection devices to help you operate smoothly. So, check with your requirement and go for the right choice of wood planer for you!

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