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Calling a professional every time there is a slightly jammed door in your home can get exhausting. Due to this, having the essential tools stocked up can save you a lot of time and money. While oscillating tools are a relatively new category, they are efficient while completing DIY projects and minor tasks, including cutting, grinding, sanding, and shearing.

These power tools are growing in popularity and have become a must-have tool for every DIYer as well as for handling small tasks in modern households.

Read on to know more about the top oscillating tool!

Top 7 Oscillating Tools

This comprehensive guide will help you choose the best oscillating tool depending on your requirements. Let’s take a look at the 7 best oscillating tools in the market!

1. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Oscillating Tool Kit

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Oscillating Tool Kit

If you are looking for a multifunction tool kit, Dewalt has you covered. It is known for providing portable, durable, and high-quality tools that incorporate ground-breaking innovation.

The tool can easily produce 20,000 oscillations in a minute at a fixed angle of 1.6 degrees. It comes with a Dewalt factory-built quick adapter that takes less than 20 minutes to charge the tools, and this allows users to be timelier.

It offers one of the best levels of control when it comes to power tools and, as a result, provides precision with ease. The battery-powered kit is powered by a 20V MAX Lithium-Ion battery, which gives it a good amount of work time. Additionally, the dual-grip variable speed trigger feature is noteworthy as it provides more convenience compared to other tools in the market.

The brushless motor comes with the added advantage of providing 57% more run time over tools that are brushed. The cutting-edge features allow tasks such as cutting, sanding to be completed with ease. The kit comes with 28 pieces of equipment that will cater to all your needs around the house.

  • Increased durability of the equipment
  • 20,000 oscillations per minute
  • Dual-grip trigger feature
  • Cordless oscillating tool
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Tool guide acts as an obstruction while working

2. PORTER-CABLE PCE605K 3-Amp Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

PORTER-CABLE PCE605K 3-Amp Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

With a 3 amp motor, this Porter Cable oscillating tool is perfect if you are looking for the right blend of high-quality and performance. The architectural innovation is commendable as the Porter-Cable tool increases the efficiency of work. This exquisite and corded toolkit can go up to 22 000 oscillations per minute without any effort.

The three gripping areas in the front, middle, and back increase comfort while the 10-foot cord eliminates the need for extensions.

It has a 3 amp motor, making it stand out in the market, considering its amazing features available at an affordable price. The ergonomic construction of the Porter-Cable PCE605K makes it easier to work with as it does not fatigue the arms. This is due to the useful barrel grip in addition to the lightweight model. The tool-free blade change system of this 3 amp tool allows quick changes and adjustments when switching between different applications.

The 3 amp motor of this Porter-Cable oscillating multi-tool provides a satisfying performance at an oscillation angle of 2.8 degrees. The oscillation speed of this device can be adjusted according to your requirements. It can be manually changed or locked in the back end of the tool. Since it is easier to work with, this tool is proficient for lengthy jobs.

  • 22 000 oscillations per minute
  • Vibration control is impressive
  • Petite and ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Speed can be manually adjusted
  • Noise levels are too high

3. Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool

Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool

This tool is one of the more powerful oscillating tools on the market owing to its l. The duo-technology offered by this product allows two angles of oscillation, including 3 4 degrees as well as 5.0 degrees. This gives the user the provision to choose their appropriate angle according to the task at hand. This eliminates the hassle of buying and carrying two different tools with different oscillation angles.

This 4 2 amp model is known for handling every type of task with efficiencies such as sanding, cutting, polishing, or scraping. The high-power motor provided in this model generates 19 000 oscillations per minute at the most. However, the switchable angles should be taken into consideration when this feature is assessed. The Universal Fit System offered by this model accepts tools such as blades, sander, and other equipment belonging to major brands.

This model’s hyper lock clamping system poses as an exclusive feature as it allows efficient changes in accessories while working. This aspect also ensures that the assembled tool is firmly locked.

The speed control feature is especially handy in this oscillating tool as it allows the completion of intricate jobs. Additionally, the LED light patterns included on the body of the product signal to the user that the battery is low or even different modes.

  • Exclusive duo-technology for two oscillation angles
  • Powerful 4 2 amp motor for greater efficiency
  • 19 000 opm
  • Speed control system
  • LED light pattern system
  • Not user-friendly
  • Hyperlock technology is complicated

4. Bosch Brushless StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool

Bosch Brushless StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool

This oscillating tool kit is known for its high-quality performance offered at economical prices. The compact design of the product makes it quite lightweight, allows ease of use.

One of the distinguishing features is the StarlockPlus, which is a three-dimensional interface that is an established one-of-a-kind quick-change accessory system. This feature also ensures that changing of blades and accessories is a smooth process. Additionally, all Starlock and Starlock Plus products are supported by this oscillating tool.

This model is not unique, but it also has an exceptional accessory grip. The oscillating tool provides a higher torque as it arranges a contact surface area that is larger. The durable and powerful 4.0 amp motor of this product can generate up to 20,000 oscillations per minute at an oscillation angle of 3 degrees. This product is ideal for DIY projects, contractors, and even homeowners. The versatility of this model is an added advantage.

The variable speed dial, coupled with its highest speed control precision, is extremely impressive, to say the least. This multi-tool device is also equipped with a no-mark pad that protects the life of the product. The guarding pad ensures that the product does not get scratched or damaged. All these features combined allow the user to get the best results while using this model.

  • The unique 3D interface provides higher performance
  • 20,000 oscillations per minute
  • The variable speed trigger feature
  • Protective pad to prevent damage to the product
  • Not compatible with tools from other brands

5. Genesis GMT15A 1.5 Amp Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

Genesis GMT15A 1.5 Amp Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

This semi-professional model is perfect for diligent DIYers as it provides easy access to carpentry at a reasonable price. This 1 5 amp oscillating tool is multi-functional, offering a wide range of features that are not only cost-effective but also labor-saving. The aluminum covering of this product ensures elongated durability. This feature eliminates the problem often faced by oscillating tool users of overheating, which increases the safety and endurance of the product.

The comfortable grip and the lightweight, ergonomic feature allow the user to use it with ease for an extended amount of time. Additionally, the four-pin flange composition of the model ensures the safety of the user as it efficiently locks the accessories to the device.

The Genesis GMT15A is, therefore, extremely user-friendly. These safety features are impressive and thereby opt for devoted DIYers for tasks around the house.

The versatile and multi-functional 1 5 amp oscillating tool has numerous accessories in one tool, such as a saw blade, a scraper blade, an Allen wrench, and other such equipment. This broadens the scope of work that can be taken up by this product. The powerful 1.5 amp motor can generate up to 21,000 oscillations per minute, which makes this device ideal for all types of tasks, including sanding, cutting, and wedging.

  • Multi-functional and versatile tool with many accessories
  • Four-pin flange design
  • Aluminum covering prevents overheating
  • Two-year warranty for the product
  • Not ideal for continuous professional use

6. BLACK+DECKER Oscillating Multi-Tool

BLACK+DECKER Oscillating Multi-Tool

The Black + Decker 2.5 amp oscillating tool is loaded with exciting features. It will let you perform professional remodeling changes at home with minimal effort. Most importantly, the tool comes with an ultra-comfortable grip that provides maximum control while carrying out tasks.

The build quality of the product is top-notch, maintain the reputation of the band. Once you buy the tool, you can rest assured that it will give a flawless performance for multiple years.

The tool comes with a total of 13 accessories for you to carry out a plethora of remodeling activities. Whether you want to fix your furniture or tiles, do DIY projects, or grout removal, it is now possible.

What’s more? The tool-free blade change system of the Black + Decker multi-tool lets you make accessory changes in a jiffy. Furthermore, it comes with a quick-release lever that eliminates the need for any hex key or other tools.

The Black + Decker 2 5 amp oscillating tool’s variable speed control allows 6 different speed settings. You can choose the one according to your work requirement from 10,000 to 20 000 opm.

It comes with an accessory adapter kit that features a universal fit. The package also includes sanding pads, a wood/metal blade, a storage bag, and sandpaper sheets. You get all of this without breaking the bank.

  • Value for money
  • 13 accessories and 6 speeds make it highly versatile
  • Its speed can go up to 20 000 opm
  • Variable speed dial
  • It is not compatible with other blades.

Black + Decker is one of the best oscillating tools. An ergonomic handle, less noise as well as vibration make it perfectly comfortable for using at home. Further, it is highly versatile and still very affordable.

7. Makita XMT03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Tool

Makita XMT03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Tool

When you work for long hours, you need a comfortable tool that is not tiresome. Makita XMT03Z is a cordless oscillating multi-tool that weighs only 8 ounces. Further, it has a small diameter barrel grip for easy handling. You will also find a large on/off sliding switch that comes with a quick-lock for safe use.

Though it is a cordless oscillating tool, it is as strong as a corded one. It is designed to have less noise as well as a vibration that enhances its overall performance. It can be used for multiple tasks such as cutting, sanding, scraping, and much more.

It comes with a 3.0 ah lithium-ion battery that lets you use the tool for up to 20 minutes. Now you can take the oscillating tool to remote corners of your house and still use it for a prolonged period. Furthermore, its adapters follow the universal fit system and can fit most of the accessories.

The device is highly versatile with its variable speed trigger and soft start feature. You can choose a speed between 6000 to 20 000 opm, adding control and ease of use. That is not all. It features a 3 2 degrees oscillation angle that lets you conduct aggressive cutting and sanding.

  • It features a 3 2-degree oscillation angle for enhanced performance.
  • Despite being a cordless tool, it offers a speed from 6000 to 20 000 opm
  • Led light for battery indication
  • Its tool-free blade change system allows quick accessory changes.
  • It has short battery life.

Whether you are a professional carpenter, remodeler, or plumber, or you need the product for your house, it is perfect. It is one of those cordless multi-tools that lets you conduct multiple activities without the limitations of a cord.

Oscillating Tool Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right oscillating tool can be tricky as each of them offer versatile features. The given guide will be especially helpful if you are a DIYer or hobbyist. Here is a list of features to look out for before purchasing an oscillating saw.

Cord or Cordless

If you are specifically looking for portability, get ready to pay a little more for your oscillating tool. However, corded tools offer similar features in terms of performance and durability.

Some oscillating tools come with longer cords, while the possibility of attaching extension cords is always available if you wish to make the most of a corded tool. Battery-powered tools are, however, more practical as any power cord does not confine you.

Power Rating

An oscillating tool with a good power rating can offer substantial durability as well as high-performance throughout its lifespan. Battery-powered models usually have a power rating between 12 volts and 20 volts, depending on their purpose. An oscillating tool with higher volts is bound to be of better quality.

Corded tools, on the other hand, have their power ratings mentioned in amps. They are available between the range of 1.5 amp and 5 amp models. Naturally, the latter yields better performance as well as durability.

Oscillation Speed

This feature is the number of times the head of the oscillating tool moves per minute. These can range from 19,000 oscillations per minute and 22,000 oscillations per minute. A higher oscillation speed is usually associated with better performance as well as precision while working.

While this is the case, many models offer a variable speed control system that allows the user to change the speed of the tool depending on their requirements. This adjustable oscillation speed feature is useful and present in most models.

Blades and Accessories

An oscillating toolkit comes with numerous blades and other accessories such as metal-cutting blades, wood-cutting blades, triangular sanding pads, carbide-edged blades, diamond-edged blades, and many other devices.

Most manufacturers include the basic blades and accessories in the toolkit while overlooking a universal fitting system. This renders the entire kit ineffective if any accessory or blade gets damaged or worn out with time. Buying a multi-tool kit that supports the universal fit system will increase the life of the kit.

Vibration and Noise

Loud noise is not only detrimental to the user’s health, but it also makes it more difficult to use and handle the oscillating tool. High vibrations can have an adverse effect on the output, and the quality of work is compromised. This warrants looking for an oscillating tool that generates the least amount of noise while working. The internal efficiency in terms of friction and heat of the motor can also affect the noise; therefore, these features need to be taken into consideration.


Before purchasing an oscillating tool, you must first assess the kind of tasks you need it for. Some tools are suitable for cutting and sanding alone, while others may include multi-tasking kits that extend the usability of the tools.

If you require a toolkit for professional and heavy-duty work, you will require a more advanced package. However, if you need an oscillating kit for household tasks, more basic products will suffice.


This is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing any equipment. In most cases, oscillating tools are inclusive of a two-year warranty after the date of purchase. Other manufacturers may offer three years or even a 5-year warranty period without any issues. This ensures that you can detect any faults in the product without undergoing a loss.

Best Oscillating Tool - FAQs

What is the best oscillating tool?

While choosing the best oscillating tool, you need to consider multiple factors. First of all, you need to determine the type of job you are doing. Based on the required use, you can select the tool that has corresponding accessories for sitting, sanding, grinding, scraping, filling, etc. Needless to say, the more accessories, the better.

Apart from that, you must think about whether you want a corded or cordless tool. If you want to work in a small area or room where the cord is accessible, you may go for the corded tool. On the other hand, if your job type requires you to work outdoors or in areas where you may not get a power outlet, a cordless tool is recommended. However, you must also base this decision on the power exerted by the tool.

Other factors that should be included are minimum noise and vibration, speed, and power rating. The best oscillating tools will not have power less than 3 amp. Thus, choosing the one with a 5 amp motor or an 8 amp motor would be ideal.

Considering all these factors, the Porter-Cable PCE605K52 is the best overall tool. It comes with a total of 52 accessories, making it highly versatile. The kit includes a depth and cutting guide for extended assistance along with a 10-foot cord for maximum convenience. Furthermore, its tool-free blade changing system allows you to hop between accessories in a hassle-free manner.

Which is the best multi-tool to buy?

If you are looking for a cordless multi-tool, the Makita XMT03Z is the cordless section’s best overall tool. The tool offers a variable speed dial to let you control the speed from 6,000 to 22,000 opm, according to use. Furthermore, its 3.2-degree oscillation angle lets you cut aggressively even in tight spaces. The tool-free change of accessories and an ergonomic handle add to the convenience of use.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a multi-tool with a cord, the Bosch GOP40-30C is an ideal option. The tool offers a 13-feet cord letting you easily carry it around. Its 4.0 amp power offers a wondrous speed of up to 20,000 opm, which comes along with a variable speed dial. Its no-touch tool-free change of accessories adds to the ease of use.

Is an oscillating tool worth it?

When you buy an oscillating device, you don’t just buy one tool, but multiple tools in one. The best oscillating tools include a saw, scraper, sander, grinder, and much more in a single electronic device. The ultimate tool includes 10 to 13 accessories for you to conduct multiple tasks with one device.

Most of these tools come with a variable speed dial that lets you control the speed of the device. It gives you the freedom to use it at your own comfortable pace and lets you quickly complete your tasks.

What’s more? The device also comes with a tool-free quick-change accessory system that lets you hop from one accessory to another within seconds. Whether you opt for a corded or a cordless one, these power tools are energized to provide maximum efficiency.

What can an oscillating tool be used for?

An oscillating tool comes in handy for multiple home improvement tasks. Be it metal cutting or wood, these tools can help you do the work in minutes without a professional’s need. The oscillating multi-tool includes a saw, grinder, scraper, and even a sander, all in one place.

The versatile oscillating device can be used to remodel materials like tiles, carpet, plastic, steel, aluminum, and much more. It comes in use, especially when you want to remodel drawers or cabinets to fit them in existing places. A few of the other exemplary uses of the tool are:

  • Cutting door jambs
  • Grout removal
  • Aggressive cutting
  • Caulk removal
  • Other cutting and sanding jobs

Apart from the above mentioned, an oscillating tool can be used for a multitude of other tasks. It lets you cut in small places with maximum precision, be it a trim-cut on the wall or flush cuts on tiles or copper tubing.

Final Takeaways

Now that you have some clarity regarding the best oscillating tools and how to choose the right one for your requirements, you can purchase the most suitable one. The listed oscillating tools are a good place to start as they come under some of the best oscillating multi-tools in the market.

Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, choosing the right equipment is essential as it can make or break your working experience. Go ahead and take your pick based on this comprehensive guide!